The problem- "It’s an industry where 35% of costs are accounted for by material waste and remedial work."

Forbes April 2016 and no reason not to believe the same applies today. 

The solution- use 

  1. Certified local Gig workers
  2. Incorporated in a digital claims platform
  3.  Augmented by connected drones to investigate and report
  4. Integrated into a single digital claims record.

WeGoLook leverage gig workers and drones in the US for insurers and are coming to the UK.

 In the UK, 360ClaimsServices combines a national, qualified "gig" workforce and supply chain  that generally visit claimants same day and at hours to suit the customer rather than the insurer. Together with, when required, with drones, aerial mast photography to complete the picture of damage and plan remedial work.

Text, photo and video evidence are instantly securely uploaded to a single digital record of the complete claim for faster, higher quality work flows.

Better still, the supply chain itself is incorporated into this model to reduce that 35% wasted OPEX cost substantially. An  "Uber" operational model joins customers to local, committed contractors without the need for expensive HQ staff, under-utilised assets and operational staff. 

For more complex drainage and subsidence claims, Live Streaming between local investigators and contractors and experts speeds up scoping, specifying and project managing repair and replacement.

The result is happier customers, better service and reduced costs and a more successful Claims Director