When claimants are asked to provide photo evidence to substantiate a claim it can speed up the whole process in  60% of cases as the bona fide nature of the case is instantly recognisable.

On the other hand, 20% to 40% of all claims are either totally or partially fraudulent!  Typical examples? Metadata in the photo can show 

  • The damaged television was photographed in a different location than the claimant's address
  • Was taken a long time ago
  • The photo was sent from the very phone the claimant claims is lost or damaged.

Video will add context to the claim- are the two photos of water damage connected or two separate issues? One current and one years ago? Is the vehicle damage to the front bumper(fender) part of the same damage as the scratched and dented rear doors or two different incidents?

When photo and video evidence is added to the text in claims submissions it gives all the facts to make quicker decisions for bona fide claims and prevent fraud. You can expect between 20% and 35% walkaways when this is part of a digital self service claims process. Claims that would probably have been accepted if you depended on AI and algorithms to process claims automatically!

To adopt this effectively photo and video evidence must be part of a secure, time and date stamped single digital record. That gives you the power to combine technology with human intuition to optimise effectiveness, efficiency and most importantly, customer satisfaction.

Then you can move to the next stage- Live Streaming for more complex claims like Escape of Water, Drainage and Subsidence and Storm Damage. 

This again as part of the digital claims platform which can then share relevant information with the supply chain to spec, quote and deliver replacement, repairs and fast settlement for distressed customers.

All part of a complete and optimised  customer experience to raise "Net Promoter Score" (NPS), gain competitive advantage over analogue insurers and fight off digital disrupters.

No wonder 70% of insurance professionals plan to deploy  operate video-enabled services for claims management, loss adjustment, remote expertise. But remember- only as part of a single digital record.

On a digital platform that any Claims VP/Director can be proud of.