Valuable report:-"The Novarica New Normal For P/C Insurers: 100 Data, Digital, and Core Capabilities!"

Another industry observer focussing on the need for insurers to act now rather than  just experiment in digital transformation.

There is evidence that the 4/5 early adopters will capture around half of all industry profits meaning that the laggards will have to share the other half for miserly margins.

In one case an auto insurer captured 70% of industry profitability.

 The point is- digitilisation of the whole P&C value chain is now a mature technology. This is not a "Crossing the Chasm" moment- the  early adopters have done that, established bridgeheads and are moving out to other product lines and geographies.

 Just look at innovative but mature digital platforms that are scalable, secure, cloud and digitally transform the value chain from FNOL to Reimbursement.



Duck Creek

You always have the longer established platforms like Guidewire that are proven but complex and rooted in large ERP systems. There is a similar analogy between the agile BI & Analytics vendors like Tableau and Qlik  compared to the legacy incumbents Business Objects, Cognos and so on. You can see how that market has moved the way of the agile solution providers.

You "Pay your money and take your choice".