See "The Digital Experience 2017"in which only one of the top 24 UK insurers supports Digital Claims Self-Service

Another study reveals that " ..insurers in the study managed to answer only half (49%) of all customer queries (compared with 70% in 2016). "  Research by Bain

Main reasons?

  1. Insurers struggling to cope with volume of queries
  2. Accurate answers getting harder to find
  3. Multichannel hardly a reality
  4. Gap between good and bad performers getting bigger
  5. Quality conversations matter

From "The State of UK Insurance Digital Customer Experience"

This ties in with that research by Altus Consulting "The Digital Experience 2017" in which only one of the top 24 UK insurers supports Digital Claims Self-Service. Carriers and Brokers- don't miss this!

If that were not enough -further evidence is in the " 2017 Temkin Trust Ratings, UK"which shows the big gap between best and worst amongst insurance companies

Claims handlers and teams are just overwhelmed as claimants overload call centres and websites with calls as they cannot see what's going on with their claims.

They should be able to:-

  • Click on a website to start FNOL on a customised web form
  • Enter just relevant information for speed & accuracy
  • Supply photo and video evidence as required by claims team
  • Building a single & secure digital record for every claim
  • Joining with internal & external data for fraud checking
  • Freeing up claims team to deal with exceptions and having time for quality conversations 

Every cloud has a silver lining though- All 23 could get a big tick in the digital experience box by deploying "The Optimal Digital Experience" 

One word of warning however- digitilisation is not in itself an answer- if you merely improve current processes the advantages to the customers are marginal. Throw out the old claims processes that were constrained by legacy system limitations and designed prior to today's dependence of smartphones and tablets to live life and do business. 

Or put somewhat more poetically:-

Stop digitizing "shit processes"!- good article by  Justine Caul