"And it is the same with the issue of trust. The caricature of the industry is that when a claim is made, the insurer will try to chip away at the amount and the customer will chuck in a few extra items which were not lost or stolen in anticipation of this."

Raconteur from The Times:  Future of Insurance June 14th 2017

Insurtech can certainly help- see:-

" Insurtech- raising NPS to high 80s is the name of the game"  for evidence and practical solutions.

Raconteur highlights the fact that after a period of some hype and hubris traditional carriers and brokers are in  fact investing and deploying to a greater or lesser extent.. The danger for many is that the speed of change has accelerated and will continue to do so.

McKinsey presents evidence that the early and successful implementers will win the lion's share of profits. See:-

"1st Mover digital transformers win major share profits".

Don't get left behind!