Fits with my earlier article today Embedded Insurance – Where Are We Now? 

Toyota wants to sell you a car, finance it, service it and now insure it, too.

Toyota Auto Insurance is up and running and will soon be available in Texas.

So far it’s being sold in Arizona, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio and South Carolina. Along with Texas, it will soon be operating in Georgia, Missouri and Tennessee with more states added monthly, Toyota said Thursday. And Toyota is a global auto OEM- one of the largest.

The auto insurance will be sold through its website, mobile app, call-centre agents and at participating Toyota dealerships. The insurance is supported by Toggle, the underwriter owned by Farmers Insurance.

Source: Insurtech Insights 

Other auto OEMS are doing the same like BMW with Wrisk in the UK. Others offering full mobility services as a service including insurance. A case of collaboration between auto OEMs and carriers though also a potential field for competition. Data, the massive amount generated by auto vehicle stacks, telematics and connected by IoT is the catalyst. 

Many organisations are partnering to help both auto OEMS and insurers leverage this data for the optimal mix of customer satisfaction, automation and human engagement and efficiency. Some are included below.

It's a fast moving scene with announcements most weeks.

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