Not quite an ecosystem but a step in the way.

CCC has worked with State Farm for more than 25 years and has worked with most of the repair facilities within their network for many years as well,” CCC spokeswoman Michelle Hellyar wrote in an email Tuesday.

But she said the transition shouldn’t be difficult for CCC newcomers.

“Repair facilities new to CCC ONE will experience a simple onboarding and implementation process, ensuring they can get value from their new technology quickly,” she wrote. “By being on CCC ONE and the CCC network, repair facilities can support the State Farm program and other DRP programs in which they participate.

“We expect newly activated repair facilities will be live within 24 hours or once the repair facility schedules their implementation and training.  As we have seen with other new customers, the sooner they are live and using CCC ONE, the sooner they will realize the benefits.

“We suggest shops begin the onboarding process soon to ensure they are ready and proficient as a participant on the State Farm program.”

The change also raises the question of which platform the insurer will use internally going forward. We’ve been told the carrier had used Audatex, but the email suggests an affinity for CCC.