It's not an ecosystem but out of small acorns grow mighty oaks.

Mind you there have been and will be many projects like Volvo's to bundle everything you need, including insurance, into one service with with a monthly subscription. 

Mobility as a Service.

Customers will still buy motor insurance via aggregator sites, brokers and direct from insurers. And, always, digital giants circle around considering how best to leverage their data mastery and other services to draw customers into their web.

Reinsurers are investing heavily whilst incumbent carriers have over recent years invested far less proportionately than potential disrupters.

Change happens slowly, slowly and one day- suddenly. 

Ecosystems offer potential and threats to carriers; there is a good read here in Medium by Rintu Patnaik. 

The Ecosystem Rush : Why Its Such A Rage

In parallel, this Swiss Re report offers food for thought.

Why insurers need to transform digital distribution and how to do t in the digital age.

Slowly, slowly...... suddenly. Don't be caught out