We want more people to be able to work without contributing to climate change.

Bill Gates on an imperative facing every enterprise and organisation including, of course, insurers and their supply chains. 

This is not just a matter of sustainability but also of meeting the challenge that organisations are increasingly being scored on the emissions impact they make on the world and its communities. Scored by investors and major shareholders and those that do not achieve required standards are likely to be censored.

As Gates says "But as hard as it is to imagine right now when we’re still in the middle of the pandemic, climate change has the potential to be even more devastating."

When lockdown first impacted insurers they were faced not just with work-from-home but also face-to-face surveys and inspections being banned. 

How to cope with underwriting new business, managing risk and validating complex claims?

A solution that 360Globalnet launched was a virtual alternative that allowed customers, claims adjusters, risk management teams, engineers and inspectors to still inspect property, vehicles, plant and machinery and assets without being on site.

360Globalnet has built on its award-winning no-code technology to create D.A.V.E.: an enterprise-strength online system that replicates - and often improves on - the benefits of site visits without the associated costs or dangers.

In situations where an insurer – or any company that relies on-site visits or interviews - would usually send an agent or loss adjuster to collect information, assess damage or loss, or simply gather evidence, they can now do this entirely virtually.

D.A.V.E. allows customers and others to follow a detailed online guided process to provide the exact information and evidence that would otherwise have been obtained face-to-face; moreover, it allows real-time collaboration between claim handlers/adjusters and the customer and the invoking of live streaming video.

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Paul Stanley, CEO of 360Globalnet, said: “No-one saw a seismic change like Covid-19 effectively changing companies’ operational and business models overnight. Our no-code online digital technology allowed us to very quickly respond and build a technology to replicate any face to face requirement and, unlike simple live streaming technology, D.A.V.E. has a comprehensive feature set to provide a collaborative customer-friendly experience."

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Bill Gates shines on a light on a topic that must be reviewed at every strategy planning session.

How do I meet both innovation and sustainability goals? Digital transformation must help achieve both goals and not just innovation.