Coronavirus crisis fuels rise in livestock rustling and theft of smaller items

'Rebecca Davidson, rural affairs specialist at NFU Mutual, said: “The main driver is organised criminal gangs targeting the countryside. Ten years ago they caught on to the fact that farm machinery is worth tens or hundreds of thousands of pounds and there is a very strong market for it overseas.” Over the past few weeks, NFU Mutual has recovered a mini-excavator in France and a quad bike in Lithuania, both of which were stolen in the UK.'

Oliver Ralph and Judith Evans Financial Times 4th Aug 2020

Crime and fraud,whilst ever present, tends to rise during times of economic hardship and it is essential to deploy the right tools to both detect and counter fraud.

The thefts described by NFU Mutual are by well organised crime and 360Globalnet's counter fraud software, 360Retrieve, was initially deployed by police forced and HMRC. Detectives augmenting their intuition, long experience and knowledge with the very best tools to solve crimes.

You need that combination to solve the unpredictable and complex fraud to be found in all classes of insurance. Humans have a unique advantage over AI- the ability to notice what is NOT THERE as well as what is present. AI fails at that point without a complete understanding of the whole world, broad use cases with complexity and un predictability.

That where the right tools combined with professional expertise deliver a winning and unique advantage.