"Today’s insurance companies, brokers, MGAs and underwriters are searching for new ways to become vastly more efficient; and to bring new products to market that seek to disrupt. Yesterday’s enterprise-solutions are now startlingly slow and lack the pace needed to respond to momentary markets.

No code software has emerged in their place, giving insurance companies the opportunity to innovate at scale and rapidly change the way they deliver products to customers. Forever."

Gari Gono Head of Solutions Instanda 

His article  "Lifting the lid on no code software: the future of insurance" is a direct challenge to the traditional suppliers of insurance software. 

Gono "You can build and show stakeholders working examples of insurance products in days, or even hours".

James Harding, COO of insurtech 360Globalnet, agrees wholeheartedly. In fact his team regularly leverages the No-Code Insurance Platform 360Siteview to do just that.  Better still, so do its insurance customers able to iterate and innovate without reliance on developers or consultants or suffering 

Insurers overwhelmed with the surge in travel cancellation claims and curtailment. Travel is often the poor cousin on claims limited to asking policyholders to email claims forms they fill in, print, scan and send. Analogue to the hilt!

Harding has deployed travel claims portals to insurers from Australia to Germany in days! That's the power of No-Code.

Field investigators, engineers and specialists unable to visit properties or auto repair shops because of enforced isolation cry out fir a digitally assisted virtual visit experience. Thanks to No-Code 360Siteview enter in timely fashion stage left D.A.V.E which does just that as you can see in the video if you follow the link. 

At the other end of the scale insurers wanting to move their whole motor and home book to a digital claims management platform in weeks! Customised UX and claims journeys to boot sounds fanciful but No-Code 360Siteview make it practical.

A true end-to-end insurance quote, bind and policy administration solution AND an end-to-end digital claims management platform from eFNOL to Settlement INCLUDING supply chain orchestration? Surely too much to ask for?

Not today- it is being done by insurers who until now have been constrained by legacy systems and expensive, slow to implement and deploy, complex and inflexible insurance platforms. No wonder transformation  has been slow. Claims and Underwriting teams have always known what they want to achieve but have been chained by vendors who could not show how in practical and affordable ways.

Insurers are breaking the shackles and soaring to new digital heights if business transformation and innovation.

Now here is a true test of "No-Code" or the software emperor with no clothes.

James Harding tells the tale of the insurer who provided warranty insurance to a major global manufacturer. When a vehicle recall programme needed immediate deployment to triage repair & replacement of multiple faults (different variations for different models) existing systems just would not hack it.

Harding and team delivered a working solution in days and after testing it was deployed in weeks. The same no-code platform that delivered travel portals and home & motor claims management in days delivers a completekly different solution.

If the customer knows the flows, processes, outcomes and parties involved then a no-code platform will deliver solutions in days and weeks.

Say an insurer wants to launch a UBI Motor Insurance service. Sounds just the ticket when drivers are leaving vehicles in garages and on drives. But what about those that will resist black boxes and telematics?

A no-code platform will deliver an answer both for policy holders that accept being connected via telematics and those that will not. Harding knows because he has built it- no code of course.

Gona provides a useful checklist to which I have added two lines. Look for a no code solution that:

  1. Allows you the business user to write the rules on a platform to make them work
  2. Let's business analysts and tech savvy adjusters customise workflows, messaging, branding and UX
  3. In plain English, Spanish, French, Chinese etc from the innovator's workstation
  4. Offers full underwriting capabilities with embedded rules
  5. Extends to digital claims management FNOL- Settlement
  6. Enables supply chain, broker etc orchestration
  7. Is API enabled and integrates with legacy & core systems

Many claim but few offer no-claims insurance platforms. Some creep near  with low-code or "lowish-code" offers.

Covid-19 has changed insurance and customers forever. Hate the word but there is a new paradigm and only NO_CODE gives insurers the platform to face the future. You will find an insightful article here by Frederik Bisbjerg Chief Chief Digital Acceleration Officer at Insurer Noor Takaful

Building a Virtual Insurer Post-COVID

There are two choices here against which to benchmark other solutions. 360Globalnet and Instanda

Declaration: I am Business Development Director of 360Globalnet.