Technological advances in artificial intelligence like Google Meena claim to be more sophisticated than today’s chatbots in conversational complexity, but what value does it bring to the insurance industry?

Simon Yun-Farmbrough Exec Chairman of 360Globalnet points out that they are a tool not a solution and as such need to be connected to a claims management platform.

Alastair Robertson, head of continuous improvement and automation at Zurich says while chatbots are an alternative way of communicating with the customer, they still need a member of staff sitting behind them. 

Chatbots are a tactical tool rather than a strategic component of service and claims management. Get the overall vision and strategy right first and ensure your claims management platform agile enough to deliver changes critical to overcome covid-19 challenges e.g. coping with travel/event cancellations or overcoming virtual ban on making inspection visits.

If not, it's not the right platform for you.