Valuable insights here- first and foremost the priority to combine automation with human empathy and intuition.

"we need to remain focused on our fundamentals and not lose sight of the importance of the human touch with our customers, especially in time of need."

Chubb has a clear strategy

  • Lead and thrive in the Digital Age
  • Execute on those objectives i three areas: 
  1. Doing simple things smarter
  2. Data analytics to improve claims and underwriting decision making
  3. Digitizing product, services and customer UX

Sean Ringstead must have suffered from vendors peddling solutions looking for a problem.

"It’s important to have clarity and a sense of business purpose. Innovation spawned in a vacuum will have a harder chance to succeed and provide true business impact. Not every bet will succeed and that it is about learning fast (not failing fast) and adapting quickly."

Insurtechs that seek to understand the problems and priorities of carriers like Chubb will be far more likely to be granted an audience with the claims team and C-Suite. Those that do not will not deserve the valuable time of insurers.