Begs the question as to why they are not the core now! Any insurer not combining value-added services with digitisation of the whole insurance chain from selling through claims to service deliver is not a truly transforming insurer.

Say an insurer is involved in an auto manufacturer's vehicle recall programme. Can't orchestrate the whole process over multiple countries? If not why not?

If a P&C claimant is told they are not covered for a specific peril why doesn't the insurer offer a paid solution via its own supply chain? And up-sell the policy. Which means it must be able to orchestrate all players in the supply chain. Not to mention make mid-term adjustments.

Take Escape of Water, Drainage and Subsidence. Why shouldn't the customer expect the digital speed of response to inspect, specify and action work and put matters right. And the insurer the platform and service from its digital platform partner?

Why shouldn't the insurer expect its technology partner to be agile enough to deliver the communications and orchestration processes to weather CAT events in days rather than months?

Digital platforms without the ability to orchestrate and deliver value-add services are like an efficient online store with no inventory and delivery service.