Great point made here- technology for technology's sake is not the answer. Many re-insurers and carriers are trying to catch up and invest without a clear vision, strategy or people to execute these effectively.

Customer's behaviour is changing, buyers are more demanding and those that make claims expect a faster and engaged service. There are market leaders like Legal & General that are showing the way and too many investing in technology without the rigour of vision and detailed planning.

It is not enough to deploy:-

  • Simpler quote and buy insurance
  • Automated FNOL
  • Single product digital insurance
  • More efficient supply chain

It is now essential to offer a total end-to-end, digitally transformed offer from 

  • buying through
  •  mid-term amendments
  • to additional products
  • Claims FNOL to Settlement
  •  Value-add Services

Look for the scalable, secure, proven platforms like 360Globalnet and 24 others in the Oxbow Insurtech 25 Impact 2018 Report