"Getting connected car ready is a matter of survival for the motor insurance industry. Getting started with telematics is good but making it part of workflows from quote to renewal to claim is better."

Penny Searles, CEO, Smartdriverclub

Thought provoking article; Penny states "The hard truth is that many major insurers simply aren’t geared up to use telematics data at claims stage."

One reason is that telematics in the UK is still niche but another could be that it is a challenge to bring the various components into one practical and cost-effective solution.

Take the data for example; 90% -98% of it probably offers no insight- normal, safe and uneventful driving. Even aggressive braking could have been for very astute and safe driving- avoiding hazards or other bad drivers. How do you add contect to the telematics data?

Combine dashcam evidence but if you still have to have a claims handler upload disparate data and manually pore over it the process is clunky and possibly incomplete.

I recently met an interesting initiative by Xtract . "Xtract's hardware agnostic platform takes raw crash data, aggregates it and visualises it at the moment of impact. 

Add context from dashcam data and the potential seems obvious. That requires both elements being in a digital claims platform like360Siteview  and potentially you have the answer.