"across the industry, about half of digital initiatives generate returns below the cost of capital, and many insurers have found that evenly spreading resources across diverse opportunities doesn’t work" 

Digital McKinsey Feb 2018

And yet others are generating between £10 to £30 for every pound invested. So, as this article says it is time to learn the lessons of 2017 and pose the right questions for 2018

2017 Lessons

1) Not focusing on the big picture? Did you set a strategy for the digital age rather than narrowly focus on digital strategy?

2) Understood value drivers? 80% of the value from digital transformation comes from transforming current core business and 20% from new products. Did you get two focused on micro-insurance and acquisitions?

3) Prioritising technological literacy? Were you able to attract the digital resources and talent to exceed expectations?

Questions for 2018

A) Ecosystems- what is your ecosystem strategy and which partnerships will create the right opportunities?

B) Data & Analytics- are you seeing enough value from analytics? Quick test- do you always analyse the unstructured data in a Claims Notification Form? If you can't do that you're failing.

C) IT- how effectively is IT partnering with the business to achieve common goals?

Good discipline to learn the lessons and ask the questions.