"We are seeing a trend toward, and need for, service-based capabilities. For one example, many carriers are now seeking headless implementations of their core systems, which basically means they need the behind-the scenes capabilities of modern core systems, but want to provide their own unique front-end user experiences. Another great example is the industry’s shift toward adopting microservices – isolated, single function services that integrate with carriers’ core systems as part of a broader vendor ecosystem – another sign that the pendulum of change is swinging again."

Andrew Yohn- Duck Creek 

Time to invest in platforms architected for managing the full claims value chain and not just UX. Platforms that let the user iterate, test against BAU control groups and constantly change for constant improvement without relying on vendor dev teams and consultants.

Any platform really needs to deliver a Ten Times Improvement to justify the investment. And to achieve that requires a platform that allows products, processes, workflow automation to change with speed and Amazon like UX combined with Amazon like efficiencies. 

I mean- Amazon is on the warpathso you had better be too.  

It’s time for carriers to chart their own futures and stop following the path of the pendulum.