Insurers have spent a long time worrying about where the threat from big tech will come from. Already this year the answer has become clearer: health.

There is a worrying precedent as well- Amazon Web Services (AWS).

"Amazon/Berkshire/JPMorgan venture - which will initially serve the three companies’ own employees - and the growth of Amazon web services. “[Amazon] couldn’t find external provision for their hosting needs so they built a company internally for it. If [the new venture] is successful, they will open the platform up,” he says."

Oliver Ralph Financial Times fintechFT Digital health 13th Feb 2018

First health; what will be the second bridgehead for Digital Giants? There is still time for insurers to anticipate the threat, partner with an insurance digital platform that is on AWS, scalable, covers all perils and is deployable in three months or less-  and does not require throwing out legacy core systems. 

There are other choices as well- Time to move!