Digital transformation spans far more than just the customer journey- it must include the myriad services that ensure customers receive the optimal settlement in a timely manner and insurers manage the supply chain cost-effectively. Never mind prevent fraud.

 Initially Robertson & Co will utilise the functionality of 360SiteView, an online technology platform, to collect and manage data related to surveillance investigations on site, as well as host this data, so that insurance clients can review evidence quickly and in a secure environment.

In addition, Robertson will also use 360SiteView in its investigations business, handling a range of insurance classes including, motor, employers' liability personal liability, property, desktop investigation, as well as brand protection.

And don't forget the lower-value claims- there is a temptation to use automation and AI to settle these but typically 30% to 40% will be claimants trying things on. You know-

  • Red wine spilt on carpets
  • Dropping something which cracks sanitary-ware but mysteriously bounced 3 feet/1 metre across the barthroom
  • The damaged car bumper/fender but the claimant adds the dent in the wing.

This is where a self-service FNOL process in which claimants are asked to provide photo and video evidence as part of a claims "single digital record" makes a dramatic impact.

Imagine if 30% to 40% of claims became walk-aways unclogging the claims system and dramatically reducing settlement values.

See "The Single Digital Record"