Well here's a challenge to incumbent insurers! See what you think.

"Our mission is to provide brokers, whom we believe to be the best positioned to drive change, an ‘operating system’ where they can launch their own insurance products, raise the required capital from investors, and use our umbrella license. It’s essentially creating a path in the value chain that bypasses insurers entirely.”

Quote from by Risto Rossar (pictured), co-founder of Estonian start-up Black Insurance by Gabriel Olano 22 Sep 2018 Insurance Business Asia

However- astute and innovative carriers can bring Digital Platforms of their own to play. Create an ecosystem of brokers combining with the carrier to deliver the self-service insurance journey and user experience that today's digitally savvy customers crave.

Better products and a wide range of them constantly added to to cover every niche of macro and insurance product. Combined with the communications and orchestration hub to increase efficiency and competitiveness.

A triple whammy of:-

  • Optimal Customer Satisfaction
  •  Increased Efficiency
  • Increased Effectiveness

See "How insurance platforms can accelerate new digital ecosystems" for some answers."

You will need some help unless you are sure you can build itv all yourself in six months- a tall order. Find aid at "Paris, London, Munich & global hot insurtech startups- what's in it for insurers?"

Don't get caught between brokers that might bypass you, innovative and first mover carriers, full stack insuretchs or the ever looming threat of Amazon. 

Time to act.