"It is also increasingly crucial to embrace failure, a notion championed by companies like Amazon who went from failure in the Fire Phone to huge success in Alexa with only a small pivot. Carriers need to be able to try something, fail fast, reload and determine lessons learned, and then try again. Some carriers, recognizing that the “fail fast” model is inconsistent with their own cultures, have created subsidiary operations or separate brands to support this operational model."

Robert McIsaac Digital Insurance May 23 2018 

A digital platform that let's business users initiate change without coding or recourse to developers or the digital skunkworks encourages a "fail fast" model e.g. claims handler s find that too many claimants with lost/stolen phones do not block the phones and want to try putting that advice/instruction at the top of the SMS or Email message rather than towards the end. 

Can this be done in 10 minutes, tested and deployed on the production platform? If not you have the wrong technology solution!

Not just that- add a new peril, change claims processes, orchestrate activities with suppliers. If you cannot initiate this in the operational group you have the opposite of agile, iterative "fail fast" digital claims platforms.

Here is a good test- if you wanted to add an "autoserve" option(click the button on your website and automatically be emailed the relevant digital claims forms) to your digital claims capability: -

  • How long will it take? Should be same day to test and then iterate to perfection
  • Can it be configured by the Claims Team? Must be for best practise
  • Is there any additional cost? Shouldn't be as it's a basic need

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