The problem- "Insurance companies are accustomed to making money off of friction, like making claims processes unnecessarily difficult and coverage that's less than transparent. Members of the insurance industry must recognize that such practices will eventually come back to haunt them. As consumers seek out simplicity, they will choose to do business with companies that eliminate friction and save time. In fact, 67% of customers claim unpleasant experiences as a reason for churn. To make things worse, according to Esteban Kolsky of Gartner, 91% of non-complainers just leave and 13% of them tell 15 more people about their bad experience."

Andrew Kucheriavy Forbes Technology Council 18th Jan 2018 

Andrew is Founder and CEO of Intechnic, 9th in the world to be awarded Master UX Certification while consulting world’s largest brands on UX.


Insurers can see the answer in low hanging fruit innovation 

TROV for items you take in business trips or holiday- good UX and a good product.

SLICE Homeshare and Rideshare

LADDER Life and Protection

Incumbent insurers need to up their UX and digital game across all P&C perils and global markets so look at a big answer

360Globalnet transforming not just UX -

  • transforming the whole claims life-cycle
  • including supply chain and services
  • Embedded Analytics and MI