Broker chief executive explains that ‘we’re having to work much harder for our clients to make sure we get them the deals done that they need’ 

"The “single biggest challenge” for brokers is finding “capacity at an acceptable price for clients”, said Greg Collins, chief executive at specialist broker Miller.

Speaking exclusively to Insurance Times, Collins said that sourcing capacity is “proving more difficult” nowadays, compared to soft market days gone by.

He explained: “The single biggest challenge is a capacity challenge, so we’ve got to make sure that we’re able to find the capacity at an acceptable price for our clients and that’s proving more difficult than it has been in the past."

Collins reported in The Insurance Times 18th December 2020

we have been very active from Australia to the USA with the technology platform to help brokers leverage online and virtual digital processes to collect the right data to present the best possible business case for insurers. To stand out from the crowd as offering better risk and therefore optimising what capacity there is.

And tackling that telling moment when the rubber hits the tarmac- when clients make a claim. That's the only time the client really tsts the insurer via the broker. That is when claims times have to reduce for faster settlement and when communivatione between insurers and brokers & clients become automated and real-time. If Amazon can tell you when to expect a delivery and also when your package has been despatched  why can't clients be updated on every stage of the claims?

They can with 360SiteView the no code digital claims platform.

No Code sounds like one of those hype words that technology vendors use to surround the mundane with the illusion of the extraordinary. In this case they are on the digital nail!

For brokers and insurers that are used to waiting too long for IT developers and vendors to deliver new innovation, functionality and improvements no code is the answer. It literally means that trained people in the business implement, test and deploy constant improvement in their native language from their PC. Unqork has frightened many traditional insurance vendors used to charging millions for upgrades and improvements by empowering citizen developers in the business to do exactly that.

Business and systems analysts and tech savvy claims adjusters can be trained in days and then you are free from the software vendors tentacles. 

At 360Globalnet we have gone a step further- BEYOND CODE in fact as we deliver business accelerators in parallel with the no code technology to deliver even faster time to value. 

In the fight to win capacity in a hardening market that is a vital success factor for brokers and insurers. From Australia to the USA brokers and insurers are beating a door to 360Globalnet to enjoy this competitive advantage.

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