Research reveals opportunity for insurers to invest in staff training and no-code digital platforms if they want to attract and retain talent.

You should really read the report ( link at bottom of article) to avoid losing your best staff. We also have the technology platforms to avoid that fate.

This is a wake up call for those insurers not taking the right steps to enhance jobs, automate repetitive and mundane tasks so staff can upskill and tackle more complex roles. There is increasing competition for staff from digital giants, new entrants to the market and full-stack insurtechs . Insurers need to give their staff the vision & strategy, training and opportunities and technology for the online and digital world.

360Globalnet has been a key enabler of the technology for insurers with its two platforms: -

  1. 360SiteView for end-to-end claims management
  2. 360Retrieve Data Hub and Analytics

These enable insurers to take on any disruptive threat from digital giants to the most innovative competitor. Better still the NO CODE platforms mean that insurers are no longer dependent on armies of consultants, developers and SIs associated with traditional core systems.

Just as Unqork is proving the benefits of No Code to enterprises worldwide which can now train and upskill staff to innovate, iterate and constantly improve so has 360Globalnet delivered the same for insurers.

Already deployed by household name insurers from Australia through Europe to North America this no code innovation is changing business models and giving control back to the business.

Training in just days, two weeks at most, Claims handlers (adjusters), business and systems analysts can customise user experience, claims journeys, digital processes and workflows in plain English (and any other native language of course) from their laptop/workstation. For all lines of business from  A&D to CAT insurance.

Insurers have moved all lines to our platforms having usually started with just one like auto or home. The No Code architecture mean that we were able to deploy Business Interruption (BI) and Travel Cancellation solutions very, very quickly.

And just like Unqork, backed by Google, we say goodby to legacy code for you. No more expensive and time consuming system upgrades. You are always on the current version of the platforms which are continuously  upgraded in the background at no extra cost.

This means you free up staff from the mundane and boring and let them focus on innovation and helping customers with the more complex services and deliverables that only other humans can deal with.

Motivate and upskill staff with the help of No Cose platforms that say goodby to complex change management burdens and make an insurer with vision and sound strategies a better company to work for.

Time for change and change for digital times and whilst 360Globalnet is mostly associated with claims management you can also talk to us about Policy Admin, Quote and Bind, MTAs and Renewals with intelligent upsell and cross-sell marketing.