“Digital expectation for clients and consumers has increased dramatically since COVID-19, and 360Brokerlink can make it a reality for brokers in days,” said Daniel Lukich, 360Globalnet’s business development director for Asia-Pacific.

The 360BrokerLink process leverages the use of digital video and imagery to explain losses and to capture required information such as receipts and claim evidence. Claimants can complete their incident-specific template via a mobile device, tablet, or computer.

Claim details are automatically forwarded to the relevant insurer, while brokers and appointed representatives enjoy the benefit of automated functions and can track pending claims once received. In addition, 360BrokerLink can be integrated within the broker’s own website

If you missed Insurance Business Broker Connect, where 360BrokerLink was launched,  you can contact  Brenden.Turner@360Globalnet.com managing the new product and Daniel.Lukich@360Globalnet.com