A road map for post-COVID-19 growth.

Every day of the current pandemic lockdown and isolation customers have enjoyed the benefits of seeing what's happening with orders. Amazon shows he expected delivery day and in advance forewarns customers of delays on non-essential products. Customers will expect the same level of proactive updates on the status of claims.

How many insurers can be sure their technology partners deliver the same level of automated and accurate information?

They can if they deploy 360SiteView the digital claims management platform. That is just one of the ways insurers could increase customer satisfaction, reduce churn and leverage lifetime revenue streams.

But to do that means being able to orchestrate the supply chain. It s no good speeding up FNOL, investigations and agreeing to repair damaged autos if you then lose control of the network.

A Parent/Child/Grandchild structure to leverage a digital management platform for all participants from customer to claims adjusters & colleagues to supply chain main contractors and sub-contractors. 

One digital record for every claims to share securely (and redacted) so all participants have one version of he truth that is up-to-date.

One platform for all claim types from AD to DRR with every claims journey customised and optimised for your customers, your products and your global markets. 

Sounds like it will take to long to realise value!

Not the case- 360SiteView will be delivered in weeks. Take one major UK insurer. Home and Auto FNOL deployed in under a week and the complete end-to-end digital journey, from customer FNOL to Completed Claim, in 12 weeks.

Digital acceleration is vital and that is what 360Globalnet delivers.

Hang on! I'm waiting for the catch I hear you say. The C-Suite has banned new Capex requests, demands a measurable reduction in Opex and wants transformation yesterday.

We deployed complete claims management platforms to six insurers over four continents in six weeks NONE OF WHICH had any Capex and all with lower Opex.

If you face the challenge of achieving digital acceleration with fast time to value, no Capex requirement, lower Opex and  outstanding claims management KPIs we can deliver.

One platform for: -

  • Auto
  • Home & Contents
  • Travel
  • Pet
  • Warranty
  • Marine
  • Workers Com
  • Speciality
  • Commercial

Add lines and new geographies and no extra licensing costs;  all on a PAYGO model.

Check out the way you can leverage 360Siteview and call

Mike Daly

+44 7341 971132


Thank you and wishing you success with new digital claims management projects.