“I spend around £35m on property in a year,” he said. “I’d much rather invest that in people than expensive offices.”

Sir Martin Sorrell

Most insurers have managed an effective transition to the work-from-home (WFH) modus operandi (MO). They may well look at the office blocks with floors of claims adjusters and reassess devolved working.

360Siteview the no-code digital claims management platform always enabled WFH. In fact, forced into that MO and able to leverage the end-to-end orchestration and collaboration capabilities of 360Siteview plus the customised digital workflows for all lines of business delivers better efficiency and effectiveness.

Even the Covid-19 restrictions on property visits or inspections repairer's premises has a silver lining. We launched the digitally assisted visit experience alternative ( D.A.V.E. for short) and our customers find they can gain all the evidence they need. Check it out.

Today no-code software comes into its own in a way nobody could have predicted. Take travel cancellation claims- the surge was just too much for some insurers. They needed new travel portals fast to deal with the surge. If ever there was a need for digital acceleration this was it.

No-code 360Siteview was the answer delivering and deploying these in weeks.

In fact, six insurers in four continents were able to deploy digital claims solutions over just six weeks.

Whatever your decisions regarding office-based and WFH employees, contractors and partners you can be confident that 360Globalnet has a digital claims management solution for you.

Gartner, McKinsey, KPMG and other leading thought leaders describe the change in priorities that insurers have made and they need technology partners that have anticipated these.

Insurers ask for digital business technology platforms as a digital accelerator for:-

  1. Claims Management, CRM, Supply chain mngt etc
  2. IoT
  3. Customer Experience
  4. Ecosystems
  5. Data & analytics

They ask to be able to 

  • Extend capabilities and integrate with current systems
  • Share products, processes and rules across the IT estate
  • Improve orchestration internally and externally
  • Leverage APIs
  • Enable effective ecosystems

Buyers are being driven by these pressures now and in the medium term.

Phase One (Now because of Covid-19 & WFH)

  • Putting hardware & device spending on hold
  • Hiring freezes on new staff
  • Instruction to sweat assets
  • Defer discretionary spending

Phase Two 2020 to 2023

  • Evaluate ongoing projects
  • Projects must be low cash and short time to value or they are OUT
  • High Capex and Upfront expenditure a NO-NO
  • Defer on premise  implementation and major upgrades
  • Data, server farm and  core systems will have life-cycle extended out of necessity
  • Hence the global search for COBOL programmers to keep legacy going
  • Longer term horizon decisions deferred

The extra challenge

Line of Business and IT leaders still have to accelerate digital despite the constraints above because customers (policyholders) demand it. They are even more reliant on online CX so expect world-class UK from insurers.

360Globalnet is able to spec, plan, implement and deploy very fast, very effectively and remotely as a result of the wise strategy to make 360Siteview No-Code. 

Delight customers, motivate staff and collapse costs

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