If it doesn't rain it pours! Kennedys IQ are tracking key COVID-19 references in Claims Portal data. We are already seeing coronavirus-referenced excuses for claims behaviours in RTA claims.

Insurers should anticipate fraudulent claims and ensure they can digitally accelerate anti-fraud claims solutions like our proven 360Retrieve.

Recently 360Globalnet and BC Legal announce a partnership which will see 360Globalnet offer Quantum Calculator as an Injury Assessment and Evaluation Toolkit within the 360Retrieve family of products, to be known as 360Retrieve QC.

Household name insurers have also quickly deployed our personal injury analyser solution. 

See Changing the Personal Injury Claims Landscape for more details.

Be prepared is the best plan and rest assured that you will not be faced with Capex or other daunting upfront costs. In these days when reserves need shoring up that is the last thing you need.

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