On the 8th July 2019 HItachi Consulting sponsored Instech London who facilitated a fast moving series of chats with leaders from insurance, InsurTech and technology.

Robin Merttens investigates how Hitachi (the 7th largest technology group in the world) is enabling insurers to leverage data from trains, buildings and a whole lot more. Serif Otterburn, Business Development Manager, and Insurance Subject Matter Expert “Everything Hitachi builds, from trains to medical equipment, requires insurance. A lot of insurers use historical data to calculate risk, but Hitachi is using its expertise in IoT to assist insurers to develop newer better risk models". Joining Robin and Serif are Chris Gill from QBE and Stephen Chadwick from Shepherd to discuss the impact of these advancements to insurance companies.

Munich Re Digital Partners are well known for supporting a whole range of new MGAs and technology companies with capacity and sometimes investment. We get a peek behind the kimono at how they are getting on. In the words of Mark Dennis, European CEO "We’ve met with about a thousand InsurTech start-ups in the last three years. To date, we have about twenty live and wish ultimately to work with about fifty. Our job is to provide the scalability to get them to market as quickly as possible as InsurTech services.”

Kasko CEO Nick Sühr returns to talk about the work they are doing today with over 15 insurers providing plug-and-play ready solutions, enabling insurers to turn insurance products from idea or paper to digital in a few weeks.