There's a pretty good chance that Deloitte have put some considerable thought in coming up with the numbers quoted below.

Freeing up between 54million and 285 million adjuster hours per year achieves a number of key goals. Productivity up, costs down, customer satisfaction up, all previously achievable at a  massive cost.

However, to be able to drive satisfaction up and costs down AT THE SAME TIME is a trick that most thought was almost impossible to achieve.

Yes, AI will help in terms of some automation of some decisions, but in the short term our belief is that eyes on damage is still the most accurate route to take.

Where massive productivity gains can be made is through competent platforms enabling a high degree of self serve on the part of the policyholders. Our research shows that policyholder engagement increases by allowing a higher level of participation in the claim process.

Combining this with automated notifications and status updates sees productivity hikes not only in the realm of the adjuster, but also in FNOL contact centers.

When offered, we see as an absolute minimum 35% of policy holders prepared to "go it alone" and report a claim online. When they are guided down this route by a contact center, this increases dramatically to over 90%.

That's BIG dollars.