Some really interesting stats and predictions here, which are aligned with the Deloitte Future of Mobility work we did with the World Economic Forum.

Whilst we go through the various evolutions of getting cars both safer and smarter, I truly believe taking the driver out of the equation will be one of the most profound revolutions of our time.

It was so interesting to see the pictures here between 1900 and 1913 and the differences in just a decade.

The difference to millions of jobs and what we can do instead will be staggering.  The impact to many industries including insurance are material.  Cars that now last for a minimum of 500,000 miles... and don't sit idle for 90%+ of their time.

We will never get rid of manually driven cars, purely for those that enjoy the sheer joy - but I do see humans banned from some places and most others opting for self driving, due to cost, safety and convenience.